Casino Heroes

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Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Canada, Australia, and many more countries welcome!

Some facts about the casino:

Can online gaming be social? Casino Heroes is clearly of such an opinion and their method is called gamification. The company was founded by Swedish game enthusiasts with a clear vision in mind.

Casino Heroes is run by Hero Gaming Limited and has a Maltese gaming license. The casino is known for its vast slot machine selection but also offers online versions of roulette, poker, blackjack and other table games. Game providers are Betsoft, NetEnt, and Play and Go amongst others. Evidently, their Swedish market is very strong while they are expanding in diverse continents and countries such as Australia, Canada, and Japan.

Curious about the visionary social part? Well, it’s all about the game in a double sense. By picking a character upon registration you automatically enter a parallel game. There are ten characters to choose from so far and they are the Heroes of the alternate world.

As a player, you are identified by your username and your character. You can follow your own progress but also your fellow Heroes. In this way, it is an interactive game. If you do well on your journey – a journey that will be explained later – your efforts may even be acknowledged on Casino Heroes social media channels.

How does the adventure unfold? To start off with, the chore of the game is the fight between good and evil. The adventure is represented on a map with different stations called regions. In fact, this map is visual on the website even before registering in case you already feel curious. The mission is to get to the end station. To complete the map. Along the way, like in any fantasy tale, you will encounter obstacles, however, these obstacles are generally fruitful.

The game – Unique Features

Besides Big Spins, bonuses, and free spins, Casino Heroes has its own personalized quirky features. They have a unique feature in the adventure which is called XP. XP stands for experience and it is a feature connected to the mission. In order to advance on your journey, you must win Boss Fights. Here is when XP comes in. The more XP points, the likelier is your victory. You can gain these point depending on your bet level or simply by how frequent you visit the site.

What else do you need to know? They have attractive welcome offers with a wide range of free spins. Starting from a minimum of €10 deposit which generates 25 free spins up to €200 which generates up to 700 free spins!

Regarding other technicalities, you find your free spins in your own personal Treasure Chest. Yet, during promotions and giveaways, free spins can also be found in specific games. There are several ways to deposit such as through bank and credit card. The withdrawal amount is minimum €20. Simple as that.

To sum up, Casino Heroes is an online casino which provides the most popular slots with a big bonus – the virtual adventure. It will be interesting to see how Hero Gaming Limited will advance from now on and where their innovative vision may take the adventurous Casino further.

Casino Heroes
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