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The winning streak of excellent gaming sites run by White Hat Gaming Limited looks set to continue this year, with the fresh arrival of Teho Kasino! This fast-paced, high-performance site is the company's flagship for 2022, so expectations are running high.

However, we firmly believe that these expectations will be fulfilled, as this is a newcomer following in the footsteps of Mahti Casino, Reload Casino, FireVegas, and many other great gaming houses. With experience and a recipe for a hit, there is no doubt that this newcomer will find its way into players' online browsers.

So now it's high time to take a closer look at what Teho Kasino has to offer, what the games are like, and everything else that's relevant to the gaming experience. There's a lot of hard facts and plenty of trivia, so stay tuned and find out everything you need to know about Teho below!

Teho Kasino Overview 

Visuals have always been White Hat Gaming's bread and butter, so this time around we've got a clean, sleek and good-looking package. On the surface, Teho Kasino is just as streamlined and pretty as the company's other recent productions, meaning that the high standards are maintained in an exemplary manner.

The look and feel is very much in line with the company's other modern products, i.e. the overall look combines green and light, and it's also very clear and surprisingly easy to use! All the menus are where you need them and the whole package works in an exemplary intuitive and convenient way. There's plenty of speed and power packed into the same package, and the site is clearly designed with the save and play in mind.

The straightforward site makes it easy to start playing and the site manages to be both memorable and enjoyable. As usual, the execution and the overall design is perfect and there is nothing missing that is not already there, so it plays to a very high standard!

Any bonuses at Teho Kasino?

Even though the power has been cranked to the max at this site and the volts are soaring high, Teho Kasino doesn't seem to offer any starter benefits. Of course, this could change in the very near future, so keep your fingers crossed!

As this is a sister site to Mahti Casino, among others, it's reasonable to expect that we'll be able to massage this newcomer with an exclusive special offer in the same way as its big brother. For example, an identical offer of €500 with 50 free spins would sound very good, but for now, let's keep our pants on until we get confirmation.

What can you play at Teho Kasino?

As usual, the game library is also a diamond in the rough, so Teho Kasino doesn't disappoint or surprise negatively in this area either. The quality has been fully invested in and the quantity is staggering, so the comprehensive library will satisfy even the most demanding picky and quality-conscious slot player.

Like its sister site, this fresh gaming cave focuses on offering only familiar and traditional casino games, so there's nothing too special or surprising on offer as such. This means that betting or poker, for example, is not an option on this site, but on the other hand, there's plenty to do in the more traditional titles too, so that's all that matters.

All the familiar gaming genres are there, meaning there's plenty of slots, live games, jackpots and other titles to choose from. With quality from the top-tier producers we all know, such as Evolution Gaming and Play'n GO, and of course top slots from Microgaming and NetEnt, there's more than enough entertainment to go around.


The site has invested heavily in the slots department, which of course shows in the number and quality of titles. There are some great slots to share and the quality is of course as good as it gets, meaning that there's plenty of quality and excellence to be found. If you like slots, you can't help but enjoy this selection!

The easiest way to find the slots on offer is, of course, in the slots section, but you can also find them in the new and popular games section. From classics like Legacy of Dead and other familiar hits, to tantalising and intriguing new releases and newcomer slots, there's plenty to choose from.


This newcomer has come to the same strange conclusion as to its sister sites FireVegas and Mahti, as there is no dedicated category for jackpot games at all. That said, these big-win titles are also included, but you'll have to search and find them yourself.

A dedicated category would certainly make it easier to find progressive jackpot games, but you have to go with what you're given. There are several Mega Moolah titles on the go, for example, so the quality is at the expected high and respectable level.

Live Games

Of course, this site also offers first-class entertainment for lovers of hard-hitting live games, so the offer is in very good shape here too! There are some great titles from some of the industry's toughest live providers, with names like Pragmatic Play and Evolution on the way.

The insane selection includes a huge number of brilliant game show games that are really popular these days, alongside course an abundance of different card and table games. There's a variety of versions of familiar hits, so you can play roulette, for example, with all sorts of rules.

Other Games

Of course, there's plenty of other hardcore stuff on offer, so fans of other forms of gaming are also catered for in a first-class way. There's a good number of table games to choose from, from those card games you're used to playing in the stone-foot casinos to other titles that you can enjoy without a video connection to the dealer.

Of course, there are also dedicated categories for Megaways and sticky wilds, so there's plenty to choose from. There are dozens of different MW products, so there's plenty of entertainment to keep you entertained!

Make a deposit now

How to make payments at Teho Kasino 

On this site, payments are made in the best possible way – in real-time and with the utmost ease. Teho Kasino uses the industry's number one payment provider, Trustly, which allows for easy and fast payments without the need to create an account directly with your bank account details.

The service is very easy to set up and all a first-time user has to do is select the amount they want to deposit from the Teho Kasino homepage and then confirm the deposit. The verification is done using the bank details, so the player's identity is also automatically confirmed in the same process.

The absolute best thing about paying via Trustly is, of course, the speed of withdrawals, which means that the money arrives in your account virtually instantly. So there are no days-long bank delays or other delays of the past, and it's extremely straightforward and simple all the way through.

How to contact Teho Kasino Support 

True to the style of its host company White Hat, Teho Kasino is fully localised, although this is easy to guess from the name of the gaming den alone. What this means, in simple terms, is that the site's customer support will serve players in their native language, meaning there's no real need for English or any other language skills.

Should you ever need help, the site's friendly support team will provide intensive care for every need. The easiest way to get things done is to approach the site's customer support via live chat. This is the fastest way to get help for any problem, so it's worth clicking on live chat as soon as you need it.

Of course, you can also approach the site's friendly customer support team via email ([email protected]). This is slightly slower than the live chat window, but emails are answered promptly, usually within 24 hours. Support is first class through every channel and help is available virtually whenever you need it!

What kind of player is best suited to Teho Kasino?

This fresh new slot was created with European players in mind and is a newcomer of such magnitude that it will serve every gambler in the region with first-class service. The overall quality of the package is good enough and great for anyone, so there's no hesitation in testing the site out.

The entertainment is of course provided by the top-quality games available at Teho Kasino, which simply can't be missed. With a huge selection of games and some of the toughest houses in the industry, there's no chance of getting bored and the slot reels will keep spinning for as long as you need them to, so this is something that's sure to please both the most casual and the more casual players.

Couple this with the extremely high quality and localised implementation and you have a recipe for success. No language skills are required, so you can enjoy the games with a low threshold. Security and everything else is also top-notch, making the site perfect for all types of entertainment game lovers!

Teho Kasino players' reviews

“The throttle really seems to be on the floor, the turbo is so loud you can't even hear yourself think and the slogan “Power at every volt” really seems to be true! Now there's so much good looks and so much speed that your socks are rolling down your legs!”

  • “Great stuff! I loved the previous Mahti site like crazy and if only possible, this new one is even better! There's an insane amount to play, the quality is top notch and the pace is mind-blowing. One of this year's toughest newcomers by far.
  • “A mind-blowing blast! The compelling look and fast pace got me hooked straight away, but it's the quality of the game selection that really cements the whole thing. It's a shockingly tough newcomer, so it's the familiar and guaranteed quality once again from White Hat Gaming!”

The feel and offerings of this firebrand site have sunk in like a knife in hot butter! We found nothing but positive feedback from players online, so there was plenty of praise to go around. The layout, speed and games in particular were loved, and no wonder.

On the other hand, there was no room for criticism or complaints, so the feedback was all positive, at least at this stage. On the other hand, it's hard to even try to come up with something bad to say about a convincing Teho Kasino, so it's obvious and logical that there were plenty of roses and no glitches.

Is Teho Kasino reliable?

In the world of gambling, reliability and honesty are basic requirements of such a level that their importance cannot be overlooked in any way. Fortunately for players and everyone else, Teho Kasino has invested in security and integrity to the highest degree, making it a 100% honest and fair site that upholds the rules of fair play at every turn.

Players are in extremely good hands at the site, as White Hat Gaming is known as an extremely reliable and fair operator. Couple this with the fact that the whole thing is run with the blessing of the authorities and is Malta-licensed (MGA/B2C/370/2017). And, the whole thing is as trustworthy and honest as it gets.

Summary: effective and efficient 

As we expected, the highly tuned and fast-paced Teho Kasino certainly doesn't disappoint. It's a great, great site that meets the needs of all types of players in a very commendable, great way. The standard is high and the package is just as it should be, so it's definitely worth experiencing this powerhouse for yourself!

The site is polished and localised down to the last detail, allowing any player to go out and test the waters with a low threshold. Couple this with the fast-paced Trustly payments and a first-class-looking site, and you simply can't resist this package if you know what you're talking about.

There are no weaknesses or drawbacks to be found, even if you're looking for them with a magnifying glass and cats and dogs, so this newcomer passes our strict checklist with flying colours. If you're looking for a fresh gaming experience that won't disappoint, check out the first-class offerings at Teho Kasino right now and focus your games on this fresh and powerful entertainment gaming site!

Overall experience with Teho Kasino 

The now eagerly awaited Teho Kasino has finally opened its doors and shutters to players, so naturally, I was among the first to press deposit in and check out the facilities! I certainly wasn't disappointed, as the fresh site managed to live up to all expectations in a very impressive way!

The first thing that caught my eye was of course the cave's stunning light and turquoise-green layout, which stands out from the crowd in a spectacular way. The colour scheme works like a charm, and the fast-paced and clean platform is instantly memorable, so in terms of overall look and functionality, this newcomer hits the bull's eye nicely.

The site is also up to speed, having acquired payment services from industry pioneer and sovereign number one Trustly. Players don't need to create an account at all in the traditional way, all you need to do is click through to the homepage to make an opening deposit, log in and start playing.

Personally, I like this kind of streamlined typing a lot more than playing the old-fashioned way and fiddling with forms, so getting to grips with Teho Kasino was really effortless and easy. So it really didn't take long for the beak to turn up once the money was in and the gaming began!

The game selection is, of course, just as robust as you'd expect from White Hat Gaming, with a wide and high-quality selection of some of the best entertainment games and titles in the industry. Personally, I jumped headfirst into good old Fire Joker and enjoyed the hot entertainment right off the bat, and even managed to nab myself some winnings.

As a test, I also decided to test the speed of the dredging and in this sector, the throttle was just as tight as I expected. The withdrawal request was quickly approved and after that, the winnings went straight into my bank account, so everything went like water!

Teho Kasino FAQ:

Is Teho Kasino a safe casino?

It's hard to beat this, as this quality product is as safe and honest as it gets. This is guaranteed by a long-established backing company and, of course, an operating licence from the MGA.

Does Teho Kasino give out bonuses or free spins to its players?

At the moment it seems that there are no benefits on offer. However, we are confident that there will be some good benefits in the future. In the best-case scenario, our readers will receive an exclusive and better-than-usual benefits package!

How do I open an account at Teho Kasino?

This site is a straightforward, fast-paced site, which means that there is no need to create a regular account at all. Just start playing by logging in with your bank account details and you're ready to play!

Is Teho Kasino a scam?

This is far from a scam. The operator is run by an honest and well-known company that has been in the business for a long time and has a proven track record of success. The operating license and other security issues are also in order.

How can I make deposits and withdrawals at Teho Kasino?

The site offers only one payment method for money transfers. However, this is not a problem as this payment method is fast, easy, and secure. The money is moved in real-time using the player's bank details.

Which license does Teho Kasino operate under and are winnings tax-free?

This site is of course licensed by the EEA authority, which ensures that it operates under fair gaming rules. In addition, this license guarantees EU players a clean payout.

Teho Kasino Free Spins Bonus

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